Hacienda Pinilla  

Pinilla Horseback Riding

One of the best ways to explore the breathtaking scenery at Hacienda Pinilla is on horseback. At the picturesque stable, you can choose among a range of horses depending on your level of riding experience. Sixteen kilometers of scenic trails are waiting to be explored, or you may choose to wander along the miles of pristine beaches bordering the hacienda.

Horseback Riding Tours:

1. Nature and Beach: This 1 hour, 30-minute ride leaves from our stables and heads out onto picturesque trails, where you may observe a variety of plants and animals. The trail ride stops at our water tank landmark, which is the ideal lookout point from which to enjoy the natural beauty of Hacienda Pinilla’s grounds. This horseback ride is appropriate for riders of all skill levels.

2. Natural Adventure: This 1 hour, 30-minute adventure leaves from our stables and passes through scenic trails, where you may spot a wide range of forest flora and fauna. From there, ride down and enjoy the experience of wading through rivers and trotting along the shores of Los Mangos Natural Lagoon, where during the winter, it’s possible to spot crocodiles and many species of birds. This ride is characterized by its time spent out on wide, open plains – the ideal destination to canter and gallop. This excursion is suitable for experienced riders.

3. My Plains Trail Ride: This 1 hour, 30-minute journey leaves from our stables and passes over scenic and natural trails, where you will enjoy spotting many plants and animals that live in the surrounding dry forest. This trail ride is characterized by its time spent out on the wide, open plains of Guanacaste – the ideal place for those who love to gallop with a warm breeze in their hair. This ride is suitable for intermediate and experienced riders.